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David Daud Makala (1983, Lusaka) is a professional artist since 2006 Lusaka, Zambia. Makala is best known for his love for different found materials coming from everywhere and which find their way in his mixed media sculptures, installations, paintings (which could also be sculptures), prints, digital art and performance. He considers his studio practice a form of research laboratorium where visions, thoughts and ideas are formed and often resulting in a process where pieces of art can be the result, or he will be in process for weeks, learning a new technique or just figuring things out. David has the strong mind, and is not afraid of leaving his brain open and uses his studio time also for an undefined process resulting in new great paths of creating new ways of communicating.
For David, the processes involved in production also allow for greater interrogations in themes such as "transgression, Identity, colonial history and mapping". Makala, at the moment, works mostly from his studio in Chilenje which he purposely chose as a way of being in and working with the community. His works are part of the large museum like collections in Lusaka and in Private collections world wide. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, and he has participated in the FNB Johannesburg and he particiated in the Asiko’ Art School Residency in Mozambique (2015), organised and leaded by late Olabisi Silva.

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