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Collectors, let me help you for finding your desired art:

Welcome on my page and I am proud for you that you are a visual
art lover and collector, or want to start an art collection. I think
without artists and collectors our cities worldwide would be grey
boring places and the only thing wit color would be nature. Not
bad either, but still, art makes the world a better place. What my
strong point are, are making quick and strong connections with
artist and/or gallery holders and can find the information you are
looking for. Besides that I am good in navigating through certain
aspects of the art world and I am not afraid to open new doors, for
you and/or for me.


(1) My main focus is first to make a personal connection and a relationship with you as collector. This can be established by visiting your house, look at (maybe) the art you already have and see what your wishes are, call with Zoom / Skype / WhatsApp, email, to see what your art likings are and see what we can use as a budget.

Secondly (2), after establishing a relationship and know more about you, budget and your collection whishes, we can make plans on how I can help you start and/or expanding your art collection. That could range from visiting galleries, art fairs, exhibitions, etc. Here we can see and look at art, find out what new works of a certain artist, find and talk to the gallery owner and/or artists. If you like an art work and want to buy, I can help with establishing connections and start the negotiations. Not necessary to lower the price, but mostly about the conditions of the art work, will they bring the work to you, is it well framed (is the frame included in the price?), totally without damages, is the sculpture a single special art work or a multiple, can we transport it ourselves, etc. Buying an art work is never a split decision, neither is it a fast process. 

                                                             Thirdly (3): I can help you to place the art work at your home, hanging, placing, help                                                                 with transport, lightning or how to store it in the right conditions. Also I can help you                                                               to asses other art works, and maybe asses if there is damage and help restore it if                                                                       simple, or find the right restoration studio or specialist. 






I am an open and transparent person to work with, I work on a full trust basis, but will make an agreement paper / email between us, can also be a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), so appointments and agreements are loud clear to both parties. No unnecessary surprises.                                                                                                                        



David Daut Makal / Private collection

David Daut Makala / Private collection


David Daut Makala, 8x works on paper, mixed media. Private Collection

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