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Example of Agreement and/or MoU will be set up between C-IAM and the Artist.



(c-IAM)  agrees to accept an amount of money per hour agreed on by c-IAM and the Artist or artworks on consignment, listed on attached inventory, by (ARTIST)                                as ‘ pay in kind’ payment in  in return for COACHING / ADVISE / EXHIBIBITION DESIGN or CONTENT, etc. for a CONTRACT TERM beginning ___________(date) and ending _________(date). The artworks could be showed online at c-IAM online art gallery and the works could be sold by c-IAM as he wish, or keep the works for his private collection.

The artwork which is being considered as ‘pay in kind’ (pay with an artwork) for delivered services by c-IAM, will be chosen by c-IAM in consult and agreement of the artist.

As c-IAM works internationally and sometimes the ARTIST and c-IAM are in different countries, in which the advise can be done by WhatsApp, emails, Zoom, Skype, etc (make sure you have an WhatsApp or Signal account, as these works the fastest). The best results are gotten when there are months to prepare before the opening date for an exhibition or other event. In case of urgency, a lot can still be done, but payments will be different.

Advise can result in creating a specific contract for the artist, mediate between the artist and gallery or buyer, etc. Advise can also be asked for personal art development or just a critical eye on website / art process / portfolio or texts (I am not an editor or spelling checker).

The agreement therefore between ARTIST and c-IAM is based on trust, transparency and Loyalty. The flipside of this is that if an art work is used as payment for c-IAM, the work of art has to be delivered to c-IAM, mostly per shipment.

C-IAM will advise how to pack and how to ship, the ARTIST will provide her/his assistance in packing (professionally, strong and safe) and sending, and prepay the money for shipment and insurance, paid by the ARTIST and c-IAM (50/50 directly to the artists after showing the receipts, or other arrangements or agreements can be made).

It is good to know that a dollar-to-dollar account is the best way to avoid the costs of currency differences. If this is not possible, other ways will be found to pay to each other, but always on a split cost’s agreement (so if the bank will ask a 20-dollar payment to do our payment of that time, both parties will pay 10 dollars, but of course we are going to try to avoid this, or put this in the sell price of the artwork, with reasonability in mind). 

The best way to start working is to make sure you have an Instagram account and/or Facebook artist account and/or website. The latter is the best and most professional. It is a lot of work, but if you take yourself and your art serious, this is the first thing to invest in. And for me it is the best way to show your art to others in a larger context than the photos on my own page. 

c-IAM owner name:                                                                                                          

c-IAM owner: _________ (signature)___________   Date____________

ARTIST name:  ___________________                                   ___________                       

ARTIST: _________ (signature)___________________        Date_______  

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