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Personal Profile

I am eager and always young, always learning, creative, loyal, honest and fighting for correct treatment and payment of artists and art world wide, not singling out some preferred artists because they are "blockbuster material" or in other words: the next big thing. In art it should not be about: better, bigger, larger, more expensive and more spectaculair.

Great art is great, and I think everyone should be in, and to help reaching this, young / starting artist empowerment is key!





February / June 2022    Art Exhibition HASORU MALU (meeting together / intertwined) Fundação 
                                           Exhibition design and art advisory for exhibition with the top 15 artists from 
                                           Timor-Leste to celebrate the 20 years of independence of Timor-Leste. Han
                                           ging / placing  all the art works, lightninging, advising on program and
                                           involved in selection  process.  

April 10/4-25-4-2022 Eco Art Residence Sevan, Armenia / Dream Park.
                                             International Art residence organised by EU4Culture further implemented by:
                                             Regional Development and Research Centre / Sevan Community Municipali-ty 
                                              / ''Sevan Youth Club‘’ and New Art Stage (NAS).
                                             Working on the start of my Future Forest Project World Wide and Per-formed 
                                             a Performance in the old Soviet Park Sevan , working together with the other 
                                             artists and Youth of Sevan. 

                                             Successfully run a crowdfunding action to get this project, Eco Art Reci-                                                                               dence ‘Sevan, Armenia / Dream Park’ funded.

June-2020 – ongoing:   United colors of Timor-Leste
                                             Traveling to all districts of Timor-Leste and find the traditional Tais from that                                                                         districts language group. Finally I will make a suit, that reflects the unity of 
                                             Timor-Leste, which is a 20 year young country after a fiercely history. In the 
                                              same philosophical frame I am ordering white Tais (which doesn’t exist) to 
                                              make a white suite. Long term process. 

24-10/22-11-2020           Expressões Do Café / Advisor Curator
                                               Catarino Bere solo exhibition at Fundação Oriente, Dili, Timor-Leste

16-10/26-10-2020           (IN)humane / Solo Exhibition
                                                Solo exhibition at Fundação Oriente, Dili, Timor-Leste.
                                                Hibernation Box / A Dying Tree / ANTHROPOCE OFFENDER VICTIM

11-7-2020 – 2-8-2020  Momórias e Encontros / Curator
                                                Curating Inu Bere solo exhibition at Fundação Oriente, Dili, Timor-Leste.

12-6-2020 – ongoing      Solo Exhibition: Colors of Timor-Leste / Universal forms / Solo Exhibition

                                               Exhibition in a café with 9 mathematical forms covered with cultural important                                                                                     food powders. Café Fatima,  Dili, Timor-Leste.

3 to 6-5-2019                    Solo exhibition M’mbuyo Tsopano Mphatso

                                               Solo exhibition Lilongwe Malawi whith selected art from the last 3 years.

15 to 1-4-2019                    Artist in residency Lusaka, Zambia. Studio.225 / Chilenje Market

                                                16 days of studio.225 artist in residency at Chilenje Market, Lusaka, Zambia.

2 and 3-11-2-018               Dzaleka – Tumaini Festival – Ghost Trees / TSOGOLO02
                                               Asked to create 2 site specific installations at the Tumaini (hope) festival in refugee                                                                             camp Dzaleka, Malawi.

1-8-2016 – now                 Lilongwe “studio time”
                                               Focusing on studio time (creating visual art works) / website updating / setting up                                                                                  new projects / writing proposals  for residencies.

23-4 / 10-7-2016              ENHLA KOMQONQO. The Unconscious Mind. Solo Exhibition Vincentio Phiri                                                                              Back&Forth.Underground/into the Light. Solo exhibition Lawrence Chikwa.
                                               art of curator duo and guest curator, opening performance and 2 times concept                                                                                   and exhibition concept and design of exhibition at Modzi Arts, Lusaka.

5-8 / 21-8-2015                7th International Insaka Artist Trust Workshop 2015
                                               Observer, adviser, coach and curator for the final Exhibition. Artist talks, coaching
                                               and reflecting.

20-7 / 24-7-2015            Exhibition Design around launching the Chitukuko Humanity Fund.
                                               Africa Development International exhibition design.

27-5 / 06-8-2015            Curating ‘Voices in Colour’ and ‘Culture on Canvas’ Ababa House. Lusaka, Zambia.
                                               Exhibition artwork selection, coaching, advise and putting together the exhibition.

27-3 / 27-4-2015             Concept design / projectleader ‘Omission / Unit 43’. Lusaka, Zambia
                                               Exhibition concept and design of Life painting event (action painting of a large                                                                                      painting) East Park Mall with Artist Vincentio Phiri, Lusaka, 2015.

2014-2015                          Self-Employed Art Advisor / projectleader / Exhibition Concept / Concept
                                               Designer / Art Agent. Lusaka, Zambia
                                               Designing exhibitions is my specialty. I work with artists and design the                                                                                                   exhibitions around a theme and/or their work to make te experience stronger.


2007- 2014                        Centraal Museum, Utrecht

                                               Process manager, project Manager and Projectleader Projects (exhibitions)        

                                               Project leading, project management and project support for museum                                                                                                   exhibitions. A huge part of  this work was leading meetings, making and
                                               controlling the budget and planning as the quality of the work.

2011 - 2012                         Gallery Kini ya Kini / Advisor Indonesian contemporary art

                                               Build a network amongst contemporary artists in Indonesia. Select artists and                                                                                        works. Support/Investor set up of  website, logo and public relations.

2006-2007                        Curator / producer / 'I.dentity' Stichting Kop Breda                                                                                              Advising / guest curator

2006-2007                        Exhibition concept and design
                                                'Boulevart' De Kunstsuper Rotterdam
                                                Concept / initiating / Pre-Production 


2006 - 2007                      Showroom Mama, Rotterdam
                                               Mister Miyagi Curating Tomorrow programma
                                               Positioning System - whereareyou, iamhere, hereweare -


2000 - 2004                    Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
                                               Bachelor of Fine Arts
                                               Video, three dimensional, two dimensional and conceptual art

                                               Art history (Modernism/Postmodernism) as additional interest.

2003                                    Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee , Berlin

                                               Successfully finished semester long course.
                                               Additional course: Bild – Blick – und Raum 1900-2000

                                               Practical exercise in looking at art and art criticism (by guest professor Hanne                                                                                       Loreck).

1994 - 2000                     University of Utrecht / Biology 

                                              Master of Science in Biology behavioral genetics (ethology and behavioral                                                                                              genetics).


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