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Artists about working with Camilio



I really appreciated Camilo’s support for my 2023 solo exhibition. He was ready to help with many details during the preparation of the exhibition. He was always supportive of me and my art when he met with visitors to the gallery.

He is particularly skilled with managing art sales and relationships with buyers and he ensured a high number of sales for me.  



Alfe Rm

20230324_113648 (1).jpg

Vicenthio Zithe Phiri

Camilio helpen me with creating 3 exhibitions for me where he was also a producer and investor at the same time. He was taking time to understand me, my work and his honesty is what I liked working with him. The first exhibition we created my largest work yet, Omission, which was 5 x 2 meters.

Vincenthio Zithe Phiri, Zambia 


Maria Madeira: 

 I have had the privilege to work with Camilio Van Lenteren in Dili, Timor-Leste. We worked closely as artists and curators for a very successful significant exhibition entitled: “Hasoru-malu” Collective Exhibition Timor 20+” that was occurred at Fundacao Oriente in Dili, Timor-Leste, in May –June 2022.

Afterwards he worked as my manager and mentor for a few months.


I am thankful to have Camilio as a friend and colleague in the arts world. He is a great trustworthy friend and is very passionate about the arts and culture, which reinforces his innovative artistic contemporary visual work.


Maria Madeira   


Lawrence Chikwa

Camilio is taking time to understand the artist and his honesty is what I liked working with him.

Lawrence Chikwa, Zambia (1-5-2023)
(foto by Adam Öjdahl)

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