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Artists, your dream is my demand:

Welcome on my page and I am proud for you that you are a visual artist. I think without
artists the cities would be grey boring places and the only thing wit color would be nature.
Not bad either, but still, art makes the world a better place. What I find important to state
here, I am here for you, and you are more important, and your art, than me, you go first.
Let me prove that to you by working for you. Secondly: I believe that artist did, in their time
of becoming and staying an artist, did invest already everything in their career and work. Ever page of paper, pencil, tue of paint or canvas is an investment on your side. So I am not going to ask you for an investment.

(1) My main focus is first to make a connection and a relationship with the artist. This can be established by visiting the artist in her / his studio, call with Zoom / Skype / Whatsapp, email, buy work from the artist, work with the artist on a exhibition, advise on request of an other request or event. In my live untill now I worked with a lot of artist, exhibition designers, architects, graphic designers, etc. as I worked for 7 years in a Dutch museum as a project coordinator exhibitions. So my experiences wih planning and budgets are plenty, the professional work relationships with the artist even more. I worked with young and old, experienced and starters, etc. I like to work with the young artists and the not so experienced (young and old) as they are more open too new experiences and I love to advice. First advice to any artist I will give here for free: invest in an website, facebook page and Instagram profile (in the Netherlands this is almost standard practise, but you would be supiced).

So, secondly (2), after establishing a relationship and know more about the work of the artist, the history and the way she / he work, we can make plans on how I can stimulate and help the art practice. That could range from me helping with writing an exhibition text (together we look at he art works and write, and/or I interview the artist and than we write), assesing the website, studio visits and pep talks or I can help making contracts and contracts with/for galeries the artist is asked to join, etc. I am also very open for any question an artist has for me. 

Thirdly (3), the artist and I can make a contract, agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)(this can also be a set of emails we emailed about, print them and sign)                                                           together on how she / he like to sell their works to a                                                                       private person or to a business, museum or galerie, etc.

                                                         Fourthly (4), I can help with the exhibition design and                                                                      selections of the works for an exhibition, or do both.                                                                        Besides that an exhibition for me is more than hanging /                                                                placing artworks and put up the subscriptions and wall                                                                  texts (an absolute minimum) but like a full experience and                                                              most senses stimulated (if the money allows). I like to                                                                      create outside the box. 

                                                         As fith (5) I can say I can do anything the artist like me to                                                               help her / him with artwise, as many thinks can be thought                                                           of. The only thing I am not good at (as it is not my favorite                                                               thing to do) is writing proposals, but I am learning. Those                                                               things we can do together or I find someone in my network to help. I think it is nice I am stating my strongpoint here, but of course I have weaker point a well, ask me, and I will tell you in person. Further more I am best in a wide range of mediums (contemporary conceptual art / performance / installations / land art / sculpture / painting / drawing), but I find photography a specialism for other specialist, as video art. But as I think the relationship is the most important, please dare me.

To conclude: You can see me as an gallerist without a gallery but with a website and many social media tools, a large network and a lot of relations in the art world international (not necessary only the Western Art world, though I am from the Netherlands). On these website you find this page, my personal information and pages of works from artists I like to promote (as I have a personal relationships with these artists, like their works and the work relationship is build on trust). I am not a die hard businessman and only focused on the money. I am focused to get the artist in the spotlight and that she / he gets the money they deserve. I work on a commission basis, so, if we make an exhibition together, I try to get the space for reasonable rent, find sponsoring for the exhibition design, flyers, promotion, opening, etc. and have a great exhibition (pop up or, coffee shop, shop, in a galerie we claim, old factory, etc. I like to think outside the box, as long we can make a great exhibition as main focus, not at being expensive wallpaper), where I sell the paintings and according too the investment, I get a percentage per sold painting, not more than 35% (exeptions can be discussed about, but I don’t like to ask more). I am in the opinion that artists already invest immensly for creating work, and shoot not be fussed and buzzed with investments. 

Dear artist, about the contract (because dreams are great, but we
also have to be pragmatic): I will never put you under a contract
which means you only work for me and only can sell work with me
knowing it or out of your gallery. You are free to do so, but loyalty is
everything and work both ways, which means, let us keep us to the
agreements we make, on the artworks I like to select on put on your
personal page on this website. But please keep me informed on your
process, sells, contacts and projects. As I than can update this
website and keep track of your process and career. I am and artist
myself (conceptual and not commercial, so no worries) and know how this world works. I would rather that you call me, aks me for advise on a work or project I didn't fix for you, than that you fall in the mistakes other artists (like me) made before. There are a lot of promises out there from galleries, make you happy and than let you pay for the packaging, transport en insurance and if they don’t sell your work, you have to pay to get it back. Trust me, this happens.  

So a contract (agreement / MoU) between you and me is just a great idea, and I like to
offer 3 kinds of contracts, which all 3 are bases on transparency and loyalty. Besides to
artist and gallerist contract I will make a contract when an artwork sells (so a contract
between me, the artist and a buyer) and other papers needed. But of course it can be
even other agreements as well. I am flexile. 

Transport, packaging, Insurance:
As we are spread from al over the world, sending the works to customers, packaging
and insurances are huge costs, and let me work around that by finding sponsors and
other means of money. And if a buyer wants to have it, they can also pay for this if I
ask them nicely (so, I tell on the website, on your artist page, this panting is 500,
collecting is free, transport costs are 150, depending on where the buyer lives).
Ofcourse this is not the best selling point, but living where we all are, this is where I have to deal with, it has my attention.

How I also work: if you like to sell a painting for 500 US dollar, and I will ask 15% commission, dan I will add that to your price (besides exceptions). So I will sell your painting for not less than 590,-. You will get the 500 you need. If I give the buyer a deal, it will come out of the 90 dollars. So, to be wise: I will put the work out there for 650,- (if reasonable and still attractive to sell). And of course, I will listnen to you, if you have comments on this. Of course above is not always working a 100%, specially when there is time pressure, and mostly there is time pressure. If we have 6 months to arrange, there is a lot possible, notice me a week before the transport, than it will be hands on and a lot of creativity.

Example of an art project: Alfe life performance

Camilio Art performance Example
2018 / Malawi


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