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RESUME camilio van Lenteren

24-10/22-11-2020           Expressões Do Café / Advisor Curator
                                        Catarino Bere solo exhibition at Fundação Oriente, Dili, Timor-Leste

16-10/26-10-2020           (IN)humane / Solo Exhibition
                                        Solo exhibition at Fundação Oriente, Dili, Timor-Leste.
                                        Hibernation Box / A Dying Tree / ANTHROPOCE OFFENDER VICTIM exhibited

11-7-2020 – 2-8-2020     Momórias e Encontros / Curator
                                        Curating Inu Bere solo exhibition at Fundação Oriente, Dili, Timor-Leste.

12-6-2020 – ongoing      Solo Exhibition: Colors of Timor-Leste / Universal forms / Solo Exhibition

                                        Exhibioton in a café with 9 mathematical forms covered with cultural important                                                food powders. Café Fatima, Dili, Timor-Leste.

3 to 6-5-2019                  Solo exhibition M’mbuyo Tsopano Mphatso

                                        Solo exhibition Lilongwe Malawi whith selected art from the last 3 years.

15 to 1-4-2019                 Artist in residency Lusaka, Zambia. Studio.225 / Chilenje Market

                                        16 days of studio.225 artist in residency at Chilenje Market, Lusaka, Zambia.

2 and 3-11-2-018             Dzaleka – Tumaini Festival – Ghost Trees / TSOGOLO02
                                        Asked to create 2 site specific installations at the Tumaini (hope) festival in refugee                                         camp Dzaleka, Malawi.

1-8-2016 – now               Lilongwe “studio time”
                                        Focussing on studio time (creating visual art works) / website updating / setting up                                        new projects / writing proposals for residencies.

23-4 / 10-7-2016            ENHLA KOMQONQO. The Unconscious Mind. Solo Exhibition Vincentio Phiri                                                                Back&Forth. Underground/into the Light. Solo exhibition Lawrence Chikwa.
                                        art of curator duo and guest curator, opening performance and 2 times concept                                                and exhibition concept and design of exhibition at Modzi Arts, Lusaka.

5-8 / 21-8-2015               7th International Insaka Artist Trust Workshop 2015
                                        Observer and curator for the final Exhibition. Artist talks, coaching and reflecting.

20-7 / 24-7-2015            Exhibition Design around launching the Chitukuko Humanity Fund.
                                        Africa Develeopment International exhibition design.

27-5 / 06-8-2015            Curating ‘Voices in Colour’ and ‘Culture on Canvas’ Ababa House. Lusaka, Zambia.
                                        Exhibition artwork selection, caoching, advise and putting together the exhibition.

27-3 / 27-4-2015            Concept design / projectleader ‘Omission / Unit 43’. Lusaka, Zambia
                                        Exhibition concept and design of Life painting event (action painting of a large                                                   painting) East Park Mall with Artist Vincentio Phiri, Lusaka, 2015.

2014-2015                       Self-Employed Art Advisor / projectleader / Exhibition Concept / Concept
                                        Designer / Art Agent. Lusaka, Zambia
                                        Designing exhibitions is my speciality. I work with artists and design the                                                             exhibitions around a theme and/or their work to make te experience stronger.


2007- 2014                      Centraal Museum, Utrecht

                                        Process manager, project Manager and Projectleader Projects (exhibitions)        

                                        Project leading, project management and project support for museum                                                                exhibitions. A huge part of this work was leading meetings, making and
                                        controling the budget and planning as the quality of the work.

2011 - 2012                      Gallery Kini ya Kini / Advisor Indonesian contemporary art

                                        Build a network amongst contemporary artists in Indonesia. Select artists and                                                  works. Support set up of website, logo and public relations.

2006-2007                      Curator / producer / 'I.dentity' Stichting Kop Breda                                                              Advising / guest curator

2006-2007                      Exhibition concept and design
                                        'Boulevart' De Kunstsuper Rotterdam
                                        Concept / initiating / Pre-Production 


2006 - 2007                    Showroom Mama, Rotterdam
                                        Mister Miyagi Curating Tomorrow programme
                                        Positioning System - whereareyou, iamhere, hereweare -


2000 - 2004                    Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
                                        Bachelor of Fine Arts
                                        Video, three dimensional, two dimensional and conceptual art

                                        Art history (Modernism/Postmodernism) as additional interest.

2003                                Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee , Berlin

                                        Successfully finished semester long course.

                                        Additional course: Bild – Blick – und Raum 1900-2000

                                        Practical exercise in looking at art and art criticism (by guest professor Hanne                                                  Loreck).

1994 - 2000                     University of Utrecht / Biology 

                                        Master of Science in Biology behavioural genetics (ethology and behavioural                                                      genetics).

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