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ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: Without artists no art, without art, no art business 

camilio International Art Manager likes connecting artists to the artworlds around us, shine the spotlight on them, connect them with galeries and collectors all over the world. 

Get young and/or starting artists (woman / man / young / old) from all over the world into the spotlight.
Contemporary Art is everywhere in the world, The Western Art world “claims a lot of space” and there a lot of artists, let me help you (artists, where-ever you work and live) find and claim your spot. I will not tell you it is easy, but yes, it is possible
My Goals: Make the art world exist of art from all over the world, from all artists, young, old, woman / Man / X from all over the world.

Statement: I am here for the artists (I will never ask you your money (percentage of an artwork) if I not first worked for it!), the artworks, the exhibitions, the art reflection and as we need to survive, yes, artists need to sell some of theirs works, or get sponsorhip or money to work on a project. The correct order, according to me, is: Artist (welbeing (peace of mind) / housing / family support), Art (creating), Art works (correct storrage, photographed, promotion and advertisement, website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.(website / facebook / Instagram I can advise on, but artist will create these by themselves, if not, I will advise and look for a studio assistant) and somewhere there as last: Art bussiness (selling or get sponsorship / investment in the artist). How I work: I believe in a trustworthy / transparanr relationship with the artists of/on which we can work together in transparency, fun and professionality. To sell the artwork is of secunder interest, as letting the artist create art (in peace of mind), is number one, without artists no art, without art no art bussines.

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